AC repair or replacement

No matter the weather condition in your area, not having a good and functioning air condition unit seems discomforting. The question is, did you need Ac repair or replacement? Before giving a solution to this question try and answer the little one yourself

What is the age of you AC unit?

According to commercial Ac repair expert the life span of a single air condition unit should range from 10-15 years. If you are not able to recall the time you bought the AC unit or you don’t know who bought it, weather it comes with the house or not. You have to know that a simple AC repair won’t be enough for it. A new AC will be more efficient and energy saving.

How recent do you need AC repair?

If you are constantly spending money repairing the old ones but it still doesn’t satisfy you, forget it. A new one will operate efficiently with a warranty.

Are you using a single Ac and still have a high energy bill?

If the bill you are getting is high and you discovered it is due to your air conditioner. Try and get a new one. The recent one are more energy saving than the old .Your investment on new on will pay off on the long run.

How much do you pay for you last repair?

Find the product of the cost of repair with the age of you AC repair. If the number exceeds five thousand it might pay off to replace than to repair. Consider the cost of maintain your old unit and new unit, as well as the time you will spend when repair issues arises

With the listed question you will probably have the answer weather to repair or to replace you Ac unit.

There are so many benefit when you replace you ac unit , but if this listed is not satisfies it will be better for you to sticks with you old component

  • The cost of repair is low

It is not reasonable to change you ac unit when the cost of repair is low, maintain it and tune it up to it best ability

  • The unit is still young (below the age of 8)

A medium age unit will still be functioning well, plus it will still be energy saving. Why wasting your money getting a new one

  • You will be selling of your house in some month

If you are selling your house in some month, there is no need for you to replace you ac unit. The new owner supposes to do the replacement not you.

  • Your power bill is still reasonable

If your power consumption is reasonable, there is no need to replace your air conditional unit. All you need to do is to get a good ac repair in your area and enjoy yourself.

In conclusion, weather you replace or repair you Ac unit, constant maintenance and tune-up will give you the opportunity of getting something good out of your AC.

HVAC System- Repair or replace- The facts

Every Houston HVAC system requires maintenance or replacement at some point of time. But how do you know that it is time for either repair or replacement? Have you considered all the factors before calling your known Houston HVAC contractor for that repair or your nearest Houston HVAC company for installing new system?

You may be thinking that age of the HVAC system is the only criteria for choosing repair or replacement. Lifespan of 15-20 years? Is that what you have heard? Yes, you may have heard it right because US Dept. of Energy does say that the average life span of air conditioner is 15-20 years. But have you considered the fact that 10 years is the warranty provided by your system manufacturer through your nearby Houston HVAC contractor? Once that warranty period expires, you would be left without any coverage at a time when the air conditioner is most likely to break down.

Although you might not be facing any trouble with the functioning of air conditioners, there is always a degradation of performance with the passage of time. This means that the same air conditioner would use higher energy to provide the same comfort levels as time passes by. Not convinced? Why don’t you go ahead and check your utility bills? After 10 years, it might be worthwhile to actually replace your HVAC system and this can result in saving up to 40% on your utility bills.

One of the factors worth considering while deciding on whether the air conditioning unit should be repaired or replaced is the return on investment. If you are planning to move to a bigger house or change your locality within 3 years, it might be worth to actually repair the system rather than replace the system because if you happen to purchase a new one, you might just not be able to get your investment back.

So you must now be wondering as to when the system should actually be replaced. You definitely want to replace the system before any breakdown occurs. And when do breakdowns occur? Summers. That’s when the air conditioners are working the hardest. Planning ahead of summers is necessary so as to avoid a decision in haste to replace the system. If you sell the old system in haste, you might just not get a good worth for the system.

So to sum up the factors that are worth your consideration are system age, price of selling the old unit and purchasing a new unit, repair and maintenance costs, thermal comfort, warranty period and time left on your home and return on investment and last but not least safety.

HVAC System Basics

It’s hot, it’s humid. You turn on your Houston HVAC system and it provides instant relief. But have you ever wondered these machines operate. Houston HVAC Contractors might have informed you couple of times on how to maintain your HVAC system but never the basics. There are two types of refrigeration cycles: vapor absorption cycle and vapor compression cycle. Almost all of your home HVAC systems operate on vapor compression cycle. And therefore here is a lowdown on what happens in vapor compression cycle.

The first rule of physics is that the heat of vaporization is powerful: a lot of heat is required to convert a liquid into a gas and this is called evaporation in HVAC terminology and is similar to boiling. The reverse is also true i.e. a lot of heat is released while converting a gas into a liquid and this is known as condensation. So if the working fluid called the refrigerant is being evaporated, it means that heat is being absorbed by the refrigerant. And if refrigerant is being condensed, it means that heat is being released by the refrigerant.

The second rule of physics is that the boiling point of a fluid is a function of both temperature and pressure. The consequence of this rule is that a low pressure would induce boiling and high pressure induces condensation. So if you go to a city at higher altitude for example Denver, the water would boil at 195° F instead of normal 212° F. This is because at higher altitude the air is thinner and low pressure region exists. For the reverse, you may look no farther than your pressure cooker where the water would boil at a temperature of 230° F due to the high pressure environment within the pressure cooker.

Combine the above two laws and you have vapour compression cycle. A simple example is your spray aerosol can operation. When you spray it, your hands feel cool. This is because the by pressing the nozzle, some of the pressure inside the pressurized can is released and the liquid within the pressurized can is being converted to gas by decrease in pressure. The heat required for this process to happen is being given by our hand and thus our hands feel cooler.

So if the refrigerant is circulated in a loop, boiling can be induced by reducing the refrigerant’s pressure by passing it through an expansion valve. The refrigerant which is in a pressurized liquid state on the right of expansion valve turns to gas by absorbing heat from the inside of our rooms. The air is circulated over the pipe carrying the refrigerant with the help of fans. Similarly condensation can be induced by increasing the refrigerant’s pressure by passing it through a compressor. The refrigerant turns from a low pressure gas to pressurized liquid and thus giving out heat in the process.

As in the process of aerosol can, you spend energy to press the nozzle, the compressor here utilizes electrical energy to compress the refrigerant. The two fans also consume electricity for operation.

And that is it folks. It’s that simple and you now can visualize the air conditioning process.

Commericla A/C Maintenance Repair in Houston

Maintenance for an air conditioner is considered extremely important, whether it be residential or commercial.  When buying an air conditioning unit, you are making an investment.  In order to protect your investment you will want to stay on top of your scheduled maintenance to ensure that your unit continues to work properly and its life is extended to its fullest.

United Services is a reputable company in Houston, Texas.  They offer a variety of services from installation and replacement to repair and maintenance.  Running air conditioning units in businesses can increase the wear and tear on the system, especially if they are running for long periods of time.  You will want to be sure that you have a reputable company come out and perform maintenance several times a year and be sure to report any problems you may be having.

Most companies also offer their clients 24/7 emergency services in case the unit fails or has other issues.  They also provide maintenance packages so that you can receive tune-ups and checks throughout the year.  Maintenance on your system is important to extend the lifetime of your unit and can also lower operating costs when taken care of.  Most commercial businesses offer air conditioning repair to ensure the comfort of their customers, as well as their employees.  If the air conditioning unit were to break down because you didn’t have the regular maintenance performed, it could cost you not only money, but loss of business.  Regular maintenance will keep your budget on track and cut down the risk of emergency service later on.

HVAC companies offer a variety of services and products such as: condensing units, rooftop HVAC units that can be run on either electric or gas, fans, digital automation, air filtration, and refrigerant monitoring.  HVAC equipment should be serviced annually. You should schedule your heating service right before fall and cooling and ac maintenance before spring. Keeping up with your annual scheduled maintenance cuts down on the chance of the unit breaking over the weekend or at night.  These are times when the rates are the highest to have a technician come out and repair the unit.  Annual checks ensure safety and increase dependability, while providing maximum efficiency and maintaining low energy costs.

Identifying Problems with Commercial A/C

It is so hot recently especially in Texas, so you would need to check your cooling system if it needs air conditioning repair Houston. It is frustrating to have your air conditioning system repaired over and over. However, with a bit of basic knowledge, you could also perform a little repair of your air conditioner to some extent. If you want to do that, the first thing to do is obvious, identify the problem. Depending on the analysis, choose the right solution.

The common issue that is mostly found in various cases is motor dysfunction. To put it simple, this is the case when the motor of the air conditioning stops working. This is the main problem to the more complicated one. There will be other issues that prevent your unit to do the cooling. Sometimes you will find ice accumulate at the hose or other parts, this indicates more problems.

Identifying the problem of cooling appliance

If you find ice chunks accumulated on any parts of the unit, whether it is inside or outside, it would mean the need of proper maintenance. The need of air conditioner repair could be aborted. The only thing to do is that you should properly maintain your cooling appliance on regular basis. If the this problem is ignored don’t be too surprised if you will need a replacement unit soon after.

You should keep the following things in mind regarding the maintenance. You should avoid of using the air conditioning unit in a continuous without stopping. It is not the matter of how hot or how cold the air temperature outside is. The constant use of this air cooling unit will increase your bill significantly. So, you should take this point very seriously.

Other matters concerning air conditioning repair

If you want your air conditioning unit to work properly and has long lifetime, the you should regularly monitor its performance.if you have problem in turning on or off your unit, it would be wise to perform a check and maintenance right away. Air conditioning repair Houston team will come to your place and will give you detailed diagnosis of your unit. These problems may either include maintenance or in some worst case, replacement is also suggested by these experts.

Some other problem that is also commonly occurred is clogged drain lines and compressors malfunction. In this case, it would be wise if you just contact the air conditioner repair company. If you have the low coolant levels, broken fans, thermostat issues and duct leaks or volume, etc professionals such as Air conditioning repair Houston must be contacted. These professionals will check and diagnose your cooling device as a part of air conditioning repair.

Quick tips on auto air conditioning repair

If you want to perform auto air conditioning repair, you must first have proper knowledge of the basic parts such as compressor, refrigerant, condenser, expansion valve, and dryer or evaporator. The more knowledge you have, more easily you can identify the problems. If you have this detailed information, it will be easy for you to perform the process of auto air conditioning repair.

Poor Air Quality In Schools (and What School Executives Can Do About It)

School districts in various states are experiencing issues with poor indoor air quality. Do you know whether your school has this issue and if so, how do you correct the problem?

Problems Caused by Poor Indoor Air Quality

The most common signs of poor air quality are air that feels dry and stale or the presence of dust or grit in the atmosphere. Low indoor air quality has been associated with increases in illness and absenteeism among building occupants. If your school has an indoor air quality problem, it is far from being the only one.

According to data collected by the United States Government Accountability Office, more than half of schools around the nation are having some kind of issue with their indoor air quality. As there are millions of children and school staff members spending a large portion of their day in these buildings, it is a problem that needs to be taken seriously.

Bad air quality can cause various health problems among children and adults, resulting in them taking more time off. Poor air can reduce productivity as well. Finally, poor indoor air quality can shorten the lifespan of HVAC systems.

How to Improve a School’s Air Quality?

There are a few things that can be done by school administrators to improve the air quality within their building.

  • The air vents should be inspected to make sure that they’re clean and free of any obstruction.
  • Rooms that have a lot of upholstered furniture items, stuffed animals or live animals should be cleaned more thoroughly.
  • Classrooms should be free of clutter so that janitorial staff can clean them better and air filters should be replaced on a regular basis

If the problems persist, hiring a professional Houston commercial air conditioning repair company to perform indoor air quality verification and testing is a good idea. The tests they perform will measure the quality of the air and can be used to put together an action plan to improve it.