Articles for August 2016

Commericla A/C Maintenance Repair in Houston

Maintenance for an air conditioner is considered extremely important, whether it be residential or commercial.  When buying an air conditioning unit, you are making an investment.  In order to protect your investment you will want to stay on top of your scheduled maintenance to ensure that your unit continues to work properly and its life is extended to its fullest.

United Services is a reputable company in Houston, Texas.  They offer a variety of services from installation and replacement to repair and maintenance.  Running air conditioning units in businesses can increase the wear and tear on the system, especially if they are running for long periods of time.  You will want to be sure that you have a reputable company come out and perform maintenance several times a year and be sure to report any problems you may be having.

Most companies also offer their clients 24/7 emergency services in case the unit fails or has other issues.  They also provide maintenance packages so that you can receive tune-ups and checks throughout the year.  Maintenance on your system is important to extend the lifetime of your unit and can also lower operating costs when taken care of.  Most commercial businesses offer air conditioning repair to ensure the comfort of their customers, as well as their employees.  If the air conditioning unit were to break down because you didn’t have the regular maintenance performed, it could cost you not only money, but loss of business.  Regular maintenance will keep your budget on track and cut down the risk of emergency service later on.

HVAC companies offer a variety of services and products such as: condensing units, rooftop HVAC units that can be run on either electric or gas, fans, digital automation, air filtration, and refrigerant monitoring.  HVAC equipment should be serviced annually. You should schedule your heating service right before fall and cooling and ac maintenance before spring. Keeping up with your annual scheduled maintenance cuts down on the chance of the unit breaking over the weekend or at night.  These are times when the rates are the highest to have a technician come out and repair the unit.  Annual checks ensure safety and increase dependability, while providing maximum efficiency and maintaining low energy costs.