No matter the weather condition in your area, not having a good and functioning air condition unit seems discomforting. The question is, did you need Ac repair or replacement? Before giving a solution to this question try and answer the little one yourself

What is the age of you AC unit?

According to commercial Ac repair expert the life span of a single air condition unit should range from 10-15 years. If you are not able to recall the time you bought the AC unit or you don’t know who bought it, weather it comes with the house or not. You have to know that a simple AC repair won’t be enough for it. A new AC will be more efficient and energy saving.

How recent do you need AC repair?

If you are constantly spending money repairing the old ones but it still doesn’t satisfy you, forget it. A new one will operate efficiently with a warranty.

Are you using a single Ac and still have a high energy bill?

If the bill you are getting is high and you discovered it is due to your air conditioner. Try and get a new one. The recent one are more energy saving than the old .Your investment on new on will pay off on the long run.

How much do you pay for you last repair?

Find the product of the cost of repair with the age of you AC repair. If the number exceeds five thousand it might pay off to replace than to repair. Consider the cost of maintain your old unit and new unit, as well as the time you will spend when repair issues arises

With the listed question you will probably have the answer weather to repair or to replace you Ac unit.

There are so many benefit when you replace you ac unit , but if this listed is not satisfies it will be better for you to sticks with you old component

  • The cost of repair is low

It is not reasonable to change you ac unit when the cost of repair is low, maintain it and tune it up to it best ability

  • The unit is still young (below the age of 8)

A medium age unit will still be functioning well, plus it will still be energy saving. Why wasting your money getting a new one

  • You will be selling of your house in some month

If you are selling your house in some month, there is no need for you to replace you ac unit. The new owner supposes to do the replacement not you.

  • Your power bill is still reasonable

If your power consumption is reasonable, there is no need to replace your air conditional unit. All you need to do is to get a good ac repair in your area and enjoy yourself.

In conclusion, weather you replace or repair you Ac unit, constant maintenance and tune-up will give you the opportunity of getting something good out of your AC.

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Last Modified: February 21, 2017