Every Houston HVAC system requires maintenance or replacement at some point of time. But how do you know that it is time for either repair or replacement? Have you considered all the factors before calling your known Houston HVAC contractor for that repair or your nearest Houston HVAC company for installing new system?

You may be thinking that age of the HVAC system is the only criteria for choosing repair or replacement. Lifespan of 15-20 years? Is that what you have heard? Yes, you may have heard it right because US Dept. of Energy does say that the average life span of air conditioner is 15-20 years. But have you considered the fact that 10 years is the warranty provided by your system manufacturer through your nearby Houston HVAC contractor? Once that warranty period expires, you would be left without any coverage at a time when the air conditioner is most likely to break down.

Although you might not be facing any trouble with the functioning of air conditioners, there is always a degradation of performance with the passage of time. This means that the same air conditioner would use higher energy to provide the same comfort levels as time passes by. Not convinced? Why don’t you go ahead and check your utility bills? After 10 years, it might be worthwhile to actually replace your HVAC system and this can result in saving up to 40% on your utility bills.

One of the factors worth considering while deciding on whether the air conditioning unit should be repaired or replaced is the return on investment. If you are planning to move to a bigger house or change your locality within 3 years, it might be worth to actually repair the system rather than replace the system because if you happen to purchase a new one, you might just not be able to get your investment back.

So you must now be wondering as to when the system should actually be replaced. You definitely want to replace the system before any breakdown occurs. And when do breakdowns occur? Summers. That’s when the air conditioners are working the hardest. Planning ahead of summers is necessary so as to avoid a decision in haste to replace the system. If you sell the old system in haste, you might just not get a good worth for the system.

So to sum up the factors that are worth your consideration are system age, price of selling the old unit and purchasing a new unit, repair and maintenance costs, thermal comfort, warranty period and time left on your home and return on investment and last but not least safety.

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Last Modified: January 26, 2017

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