Weight loss Tips: Top 4 breathing exercises that can help you lose belly fat

People go on a diet and exercise plan to trim and tone their body. Often, they achieve good results, but still struggle with belly fat. The fact is that the stubborn fat around the abdominal region is very difficult to lose. Even some very slim and otherwise trim people complain about stubborn belly fat. Certainly, belly fat is very unattractive. Belly fat is also a health risks and people with extra belly fat are prone to a number of health risk that include high blood pressure, diabetes, and more. However, there is another method that works. According to Image Weight Loss Centers, it combines proper dieting with breathing exercises designed to burn belly fat and detoxify the body.

The Diaphragm

Diaphragm breathing strengthens and tones the muscles. Lie flat on the floor. Relax your body and watch your chest and stomach rise, while breathing normally. Instead of normal or shallow breathing, breathe deeply several times and relax.

Tighten & Tone

This is a great exercise for those with mild respiratory problems. In addition, the exercise tones the stomach muscles. Sit in a comfortable chair, inhale deeply while you tighten the tummy muscles. Hold the stomach muscles as you exhale. Repeat a dozen reps and 3 sets.

Belly Breaths

Most people are shallow breathers. Now, you are going to learn to breathe deeply from your belly with focus on your diaphragm and lungs. This type of breathing is also very calming and is thought to boost energy, while reducing stress. Stand in a comfortable position and relax. Place the palm of one hand on your stomach and the thumb should be near the navel. Do not let your chest rise, but let your tummy area expand.

Mouth Breathing Exercise

Mouth breathing is a way to increase pressure in the abdomen region. Thus, helping you to trim down your middle. Another benefit is that the mouth breathing exercise tightens and tones the face. Here is the proper way to perform the exercise. Open your mouth wide and inhale to the count of 10. Now, exhale to the count of 10. Note, take twice as long to exhale. Practice daily for several minutes to reap the benefits of the exercise..

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